He lives for photography, and photography is his life. It is his world; it’s his chosen “toolbox” to narrate, illustrate, and describe what surrounds us, in a reality filtered, and often ruled by, the little time we devote to observing things closely.

Claudio is a “highly qualified craftsman,” who calls himself a “non-artist.” He is versatile, practical, and a trained professional in the use of the image. Where experience and culture reflect themselves, he creates content that strikes the collective imagination, by recounting events, stories, and places, in a realistic way. He is a free and introspective person, a man of few but clear words, who lets his photos speak for him.

Claudio Brufola was born in Rome. He has always worked as a freelance photographer and journalist. He is a member of the Italian Journalists Association. As a photographer, he collaborates with the most important Italian companies, and several multinational firms, such as Telecom ItaliaBulgari Spa, EricssonMontblanc Italia – Dupont ItaliaAbbott DiagnosticaOracleSociete GeneraleTotalfina – ElfChevrolet ItaliaWind Telecomunicazioni SpaJohnson&Johnson’sGruppo Editoriale L’espressoLa RepubblicaEni SpaFerrovie Dello StatoMelia ‘Roma Aurelia Antica’, Agi – Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana.Claudio is an attentive observer of ever changing social contexts, able to transform photographic languages into new artistic expressions, particularly those related to young authors. As a result of this passion, a few years ago he got an assignment for a monthly column about photography, from the prestigious Chinese Photo World Magazine, published by Xinhua New Agency. Claudio’s love of photography drives him continuously to new aspects of visual communication, to create original forms of expression. During his frequent travels in Italy and around the world, as well as through his studies, he likes to tell about the rapid and constant evolution of people, and how lands and cities are transformed as a result.

Thanks to his particular narrative style, where the surface gets immediately scraped to get into the story, the editor S & B entrusted him the creation of the book “Le Puglie, storie di terre e vini.” Images tell about the Apulian countryside and the people who transform it through the ancient art of viticulture. A report created in a fresh and lively way, with a touch of the confident style typical of the author, it illuminates what is not always so well understood: the authentic beauty. Last year Claudio was involved in another work called “Sicilia, isola dell’olivo,” published again with S&B. It is a report wherein the images, real works of art of high value, blend with a narration filled with encounters of people telling stories, legends, and folktales about the Sicilian olive trees and its fruits.

For Ferrovie dello Stato, Claudio shot the images for the official brochure launching the high-speed trains in Italy. He works closely with the Eni department of external communication, the team that takes care of the business website and publishing initiatives. He published two books with ENI’s Way, one about China and its overwhelming economic development, the other about the gas route from Russia to Europe. He photographed the Siberian gas fields belonging to Gazprom.

While working for the Italian News Agency AGI, Claudio photographed several countries around the world. Among them, the latest published works are those that address social and growth issues of countries like Congo, Algeria, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Siberia.